7 Korean Male Celebrities to Follow on Instagram for Style Inspiration

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Published: June 25, 2024
Instagram: @onyourm__ark

Korean male celebrities are fast becoming bona fide style stars. With millions of followers tracking their every move and outfit, these K-stars are serving style on a silver platter. From streetwear to boy-next-door, here are the best Korean male celebrities to follow on Instagram for style inspiration.

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1. Mark Lee, @onyourm__ark

Canadian-born idol, Mark Lee of NCT has a knack for rocking street-style fashion. He effortlessly pulls off the laid-back look by pairing casual sweatpants with stylish hoodies. If street-casual style has your heart, then be sure to bookmark this. Complete the look with Mark’s go-to favourites like a beanie or baseball cap.

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2. Mingyu, @min9yu_k

Sporty, casual, streetwear. When it comes to style, SEVENTEEN's Mingyu has got it all. But if we had to pick one, it would be his preppy off-duty style. Versatile and effortlessly chic, his collegiate wardrobe consists of polo tees, layering sweaters, and casual button-ups featuring bright colours and graphics. Mature but playful, his fashion sense exudes confidence and individuality, making him a trendsetter both on and off the stage.

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3. B.I, @shxxbi131

The key to achieving B.I.'s style is comfort. From knitwear to hoodies, the rapper and songwriter is always sporting a cosy fit. That said, B.I always ups the ante with colourful sneakers for an extra pop of colour. Look to his feed if you're looking for style inspiration that prioritises both comfort and style.

4. Felix, @yong.lixx

Felix from Stray Kids is recognised for his edgy and urban fashion sense. He often gravitates towards streetwear or hip-hop inspired looks. Oversized hoodies, graphic t-shirts, and distressed denim are just some of the essentials in his wardrobe. Felix embraces bold colours and patterns, which is to say he's not afraid to experiment with unconventional silhouettes and statement accessories.

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5. Cha Eun Woo, @eunwo.o_c

We can’t forget everyone’s favourite Instagram boyfriend, Cha Eun-Woo. His dreamy look typically features a blend of preppy and casual. Think stylish jackets paired with crisp button-down shirts. Eun-Woo also matches his basics with knitwear like sweater vests for added flair. The actor radiates a sense of refinement while maintaining a relaxed and approachable vibe, making his style so unique.

6. Song Kang, @songkang_b

The Nevertheless actor never fails to amaze everyone with his sartorial choices.  Song Kang is known for his ability to mix and match basics with statement items, creating looks that are both sophisticated and understated. Whether he's dressed in a tailored suit or rocking a casual streetwear ensemble, Song Kang always exudes confidence and charm. For a more day-to-day look, he keeps it simple and cool with a classic white tee and medium-wash jacket. Don’t forget to accessorise with sleek watches or minimalist jewellery to elevate your outfit.

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7. Park Seo Joon, @bn_sj2013

If Park Seo-Joon's acting hasn't already garnered him numerous fans, his sense of style certainly will. Frequently spotted in fashionable outfits, the Itaewon Class actor effortlessly maintains his position at the forefront of fashion trends, making his Instagram feed a go-to for style inspiration. To match his balanced and polish aesthetic, combine casual pieces like hoodies and sneakers with more tailored elements such as blazers or structured jackets. If you’re into business casual, then Park Seo Joon is one to keep on your radar for your go-to style inspo. 

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