Jiak Kim House Celebrates Past and Present With Familiar Asian Flavours

It's a blast from the past.
Published: May 29, 2024
Tingkat of Memories. Photo: Courtesy of Jiak Kim House

Singapore's dining scene bursts with new flavours and concepts, but sometimes, we just want the comforting tastes of home. Jiak Kim House, the latest venture by The Brewerkz Group, elevates this desire by offering a unique experience that blends familiar flavours with modern culinary finesse.

What truly sets this destination apart is its location—the very spot where Zouk Club once throbbed with life. Stepping into the meticulously restored 1920s warehouse is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who spent their youth here. As I settled into my seat at the east corner, memories of jostling through the packed dancefloor of Velvet Underground flooded back.

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Photo: Courtesy of Jiak Kim House

While the original structure, including the stunning double-height ceiling and timber trusses, remains, everything else has been reimagined to create a warm and inviting space. Heritage seamlessly blends with modernity, complemented by an evergreen playlist of Asian oldies. The entrance sets the tone with striking black and white floor tiles, custom-made rattan furniture, and a feature wall showcasing the bustling scenes of the Singapore River. The main dining room, seating 120 guests, exudes warmth with plush seating and coconut husk walls. A private room, ideal for intimate gatherings of 40, offers a sophisticated setting. The restaurant even boasts a dedicated in-house floral atelier that creates bespoke arrangements upon request.

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Laksa Fettucini. Photo: Courtesy of Jiak Kim House

The name itself, "jiak" meaning "to eat" in Hokkien, instantly sparks a craving for local flavours. Chef Seow Tzi Qin (TQ) addresses this with a robust à la carte menu— a love letter to his heritage—reinterpreting familiar Southeast Asian dishes for the modern palate. Begin your meal with the Tingkat of Memories ($36), a delightful quartet of appetisers featuring a seven-herb crab cake, lamb goulash croquettes, a chilli crab pie tee, and tri-coloured otak otak.

Mdm Lee's Lotus Leaf Rice & Ayam Taliwang. Photo: Courtesy of Jiak Kim House

For a comforting twist on a local favourite, try the Mushroom Herbal Tea Macchiato ($22). This peppery mushroom consommé, reminiscent of Bak Kut Teh, is topped with green peppercorn foam. Seafood lovers will appreciate the Herbal Scallop Pao Fan ($42), featuring pan-roasted Hokkaido scallops nestled in a flavourful angelica root dashi, or the Kam Heong Sambal Grouper ($40), boasting a robustly flavoured Tiger Grouper fillet paired with a vibrant mangosteen salsa.

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Photo: Courtesy of Jiak Kim House

End on a refreshing note with the Snow Peak ($22), a Moutai and pineapple-infused sorbet on a bed of diced scoby, coconut jelly, and fresh fruits. Alternatively, indulge in the Jiak Kim ($22), which literally translates to "eat gold." This exquisite flower-shaped dessert is embellished with gold foil, roselle hawthorn jelly, earl grey mousse, Berriolette compote and chocolate cream.

Whether you're catching up with friends or seeking a heartwarming family meal, Jiak Kim House ticks all the boxes. The comfortable setting and repertoire of Asian favourites make it ideal for multi-generational gatherings. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a delicious and nostalgic dining experience.

Jiak Kim House is at 5 Jiak Kim Street #01-16 & 17 Tel: 9831 5430

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