7 Korean Female Celebrities to Follow on Instagram for Style Inspiration

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Published: May 5, 2024
7 Korean Female Celebrities to Follow on Instagram for Style Inspiration
Photo: Courtesy of Gentle Monster

If there’s one thing to love about being a woman it's that we vibe off each other’s positive glow and confident energy. No matter your style or aesthetic, find inspiration from our favourite K-celeb girls on Instagram, and emulate their styles in a way that complements you.

1. Huh Yunjin

Yunjin, of K-Pop girl group LE SSERAFIM, loves taking to Instagram to show off her OOTDs while channelling her clean girl aesthetic. She once cited supermodel Bella Hadid as her style inspiration. The Korean-American singer opts for cosy and laid-back sweaters and jackets on her off days.

Yunjin’s go-to pieces are cardigans, halter tops and cropped jackets, and she loves a good accessory—whether in the form of trendy bows, framed glasses, a headband or layered necklaces. Of course, Yunjin keeps it fresh with trendy pieces and aesthetic photo dumps on her feed—and that’s what makes her our favourite Pinterest girl.

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2. Ji Hyo

Jihyo loves layering her fits. The leader of TWICE is celebrated for her versatile and sophisticated style. Often seen in chic and elegant outfits, Jihyo effortlessly combines classic pieces with modern trends. Off-stage, Jihyo dresses herself with basic tops, layered with a statement piece like a leather or denim jacket to give the look a little bit of edge.

She has a knack for incorporating bold colours and patterns into her wardrobe, adding a playful touch to her looks. Whether she's rocking a slightly boyish look with structured jackets and trousers or a dressier alternative like halter-tops and dresses, Jihyo always exudes confidence and poise. Her fashion choices reflect her evolving personal style and serve as inspiration for fans seeking to emulate her polished aesthetic.

3. Joy

Joy is a fashion icon, and her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful outfits for almost any occasion. The Red Velvet singer only posts in threes, making her feed more lively and mirroring her vibrant, eclectic personality.

Her style is characterised by a mix of trendy streetwear, feminine dresses, and bold statement pieces. Her refreshing aura brings a soft girl-next-door vibe, as she effortlessly combines different textures, patterns, and colours to create eye-catching outfits.  Some of her favourite things to wear are pea coats and floral prints. If you’re looking to elevate your fashion game and emulate her playful and adventurous spirit, then Joy is the perfect style inspiration for you.

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4. Jennie

Jennie Kim is for any girl who loves fashion. Her go-to style is streetwear which she seamlessly pairs with feminine accents like skirts and heels. Jennie's look can be described as “glamorous tomboy”—she doesn't shy away from wearing pants but always looks chic and put-together.

There are certain staples in Jennie’s wardrobe like high crop tops and low waist pants that accentuate her body type. She also often styles cardigans with mini skirts too. If you’re someone who likes to juxtapose classy elements with streetwear, be sure to check out Jennie’s feed for more style inspiration.

5. MoonByul

Moonbyul of MAMAMOO is known for her dynamic and charismatic presence as well as her bold and fashion sense. Moonbyul is effortlessly cool, and isn't afraid to experiment with unconventional silhouettes. Whether she's rocking a “boyfriend look” with a hint of androgyny or donning athleisure-inspired ensembles with a feminine twist, Moonbyul's fashion choices reflect her confident and adventurous personality. When styling your fits like Moonbyul, don’t forget to add her signature beanie or cap!

6. Hoyeon Jung

You’ve probably seen her star in the Netflix Series, Squid Game which became a global phenomenon in 2021. And you probably remember Sae-byeok, played by HoYeon Jung. Prior to her breakout role, she was a finalist on Korea’s Next Top Model back in 2013. 

Hoyeon has been gaining attention for her bold style ever since. The global ambassador for Louis Vuitton is renowned for her distinctive and avant-garde style, and of course, the “model off duty” look.  On her feed, Hoyeon’s outfits are quirky and mismatched. She artfully combines clashing patterns, fabrics and styles and her fearless approach has earned her recognition as a trendsetter and style icon, inspiring others to embrace their own creativity and expressiveness through clothing.

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7. Jessica Jung

If you follow her on Instagram, Jessica Jung does a great job promoting her fashion brand Blanc & Eclare, through her OOTDs that capture the brand’s essence and style. The former SNSD singer leans towards a soft chic and glam fashion style. Her staples include French-style jackets, ballet flats and plaid patterns.

Her brand produces everything from eyewear, denim, clothing, skincare, and accessories. If you’re looking for inspiration outside of just style,  kickstart your passion, Jessica’s Instagram feed is sure to give you that needed morale boost and motivation to kick start your passion.

8. Winter

Winter is the lead vocal of SM Entertainment's aespa the group known for their AI concept and edgy stage outfits. When not performing, she can be seen opting for lighter colours to compliment her radiant skin and her sometimes bleached hair. The singer seems to gravitate towards feminine pieces with lots of cardigans, mini dresses and skirts.

Winter is famous for her anime-like look emphasised by her feminine features and fairy-coded sense of style. The newly appointed Polo Ralph Lauren ambassador seems to gravitate towards simple yet stylish cottage core pieces along with a variety of preppy garments with lots of cardigans, mini dresses and skirts, perfectly suited to the brand.

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