Team France Sports Berluti for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics

A strong impression, right from the starting line.
Published: May 16, 2024
Courtesy of Berluti & LVMH

French fashion house Berluti, has gone all out in dressing Team France for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. The Maison, established in Paris in 1895, offered their savoir-faire to ensure that the French athletes look their finest for the opening ceremonies in Paris on July 26th and August 28th. In collaboration with the athletes as well as relevant committees, over 180 people were involved in designing outfits that combine both fashion and function.

Commitment to the Occasion

Under the creative direction of Fashion Consultant and Stylist Carine Roitfeld, the Maison's team devoted months of energy and creativity to design outfits that embodied the true elegance àla française. With nothing but the finest, the team incorporated processes and materials from all over the world. Designs were created in France, manufactured in Italy, and utilised fabrics exclusively sourced from Europe.

As a result, Berluti crafted over 1,500 outfits for Team France. Each athlete was provided a kit comprising a tuxedo, shirt, belt, scarf or pocket square, and shoes—all presented in a bag created for the occasion.

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A Challenge of Athletic Proportions

Berluti, a men’s fashion house, was keenly aware of its task at hand: Creating flattering outfits for female athletes that fit right. Roitfeld and her team worked directly with the athletes to gather their experiences and understand their specific needs like sizing and tailoring. It's important to make a lasting impression for the Opening Ceremonies, which meant that athletes not only have to look good, but feel good.

After several months of ideation and execution, the Maison has designed and crafted outfits in a range of sizes—with clothing from 3XS to 6XL, and shoes in sizes 1 to 22, for a comfortable fit that adapts to a wide range of body types.

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Decked in National Colours

Courtesy of Berluti & LVMH

Courtesy of Berluti & LVMH

Courtesy of Berluti & LVMH

When representing your country, repping national colours are an absolute must—and the Maison did not disappoint with their creative use of French colours. For starters, tuxedos designed for the games are cut from elegant midnight blue wool while the Maison's original Shadow sneakers have been redesigned with French national colours, red, white and blue.

A colour gradient inspired by the French flag is also prominently featured on the lapels. Spotted on the Berluti Shadows, jackets, scarves and even pocket squares—these gradients are made with blue and red dyes created in-house, emblematic of Team France.

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Down to the Details

Berluti's garments and shoes are almost always burnished, a signature technique of the brand. The process entails rubbing a leather surface with a burnishing tool or cloth until it becomes smooth and glossy. The technique creates a distinct textured appearance, and can be seen especially in the Loafer Lorenzo.

"Berluti has been given an extraordinary opportunity in styling Team France,” Jean-Marc, the CEO of Berluti remarks. “I am delighted with the outcome of this creative collaboration.” 

“With this outfit, we have sought to honour French elegance and to serve French athletes and coaches,” he adds. For any sports person, being selected to take part in the Olympic and Paralympic Games is accomplishment enough. This is why Berluti pledges to further immortalise this occasion for the athletes, with mesmerising garments that exude confidence and style.

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