The Enduring Appeal of Tod’s Gommino Loafers

This footwear line from the Italian luxury label has stood the test of time and trends, becoming a sartorial staple for men and women of all ages.
Published: March 8, 2024
The Enduring Appeal of Tod’s Gommino Loafers
Photo: Courtesy of Tod's

There are shoes, and then there are Tod’s shoes—Gommino loafers, to be exact. The difference between the two lies in the craftsmanship, attention to detail, level of comfort and everlasting appeal—of which, the latter has in spades. Taking inspiration from driving shoes worn in the 1950s, the Tod’s Gommino loafer was born at the end of the ’70s. Characterised by its 133-pebble studded soles, it's no surprise that the Gommino loafer is also a celebrity favourite, as seen on the likes of Chinese actor Xiao Zhan, K-pop sensation Joy and Thai heartthrob Blue Pongtiwat

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The Enduring Appeal of Tod’s Gommino Loafers
Photo: Courtesy of Tod's

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Celebrity endorsements aside, it’s the quality of materials and artistry that make Tod's Gommino a sartorial staple for men and women of all ages. The leathers used in the making of the Gommino come from the finest tanneries in the world, having gone through thorough quality checks by highly skilled craftspeople. There’s also a human element that goes into it. The cutting of the leather and the sewing of the pieces are done by hand. It takes 100 steps in construction, up to 35 individual pieces of leather—all of which have to be individually treated and checked by hand—to create one pair of loafers.

The Enduring Appeal of Tod’s Gommino Loafers

Tod's Gommino Bubble

Even with so much heritage, gold-standard processes, and a cult following attached to its name, Tod’s does not rest on its laurels—which is not to say that it gives in to trends. Rather, the Italian brand modernises its offerings by introducing newer styles such as the Gommino Bubble. Distinguished as a softer-shaped iteration of the iconic loafer with soles rendered in contrasting colours. 

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To truly drive home the fact that a pair of Tod’s Gommino loafers are for life, the brand offers exclusive personalisation services so you can always own a pair that’s distinctly yours, forever and always.

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