How to Style the Bag Charms Trend, Plus Where to Shop

The “seasoned” look is in season.
Published: May 24, 2024
Photo: Courtesy of Balenciaga

This season, it's all about what you put on your bag rather than in. From kitsch accessories to playful keychains, the trend of accessorising bags has made its way to some of fashion's biggest runways. Case in point: Balenciaga sent models down its spring/summer 2024 runway carrying bags decorated with maximalist charms and oversized trinkets. Elsewhere, Miu Miu stuffed its bag to the brim with clothes and shoes.

While this hyper-utilitarian approach to bags isn't new—the Olsen twins have been doing it since the early 2000s—it is only recently that it's become a huge trend. Hollywood A-listers like Anne Hathaway and Dua Lipa have jumped on the bandwagon, adorning their Hermès Birkins with quirky accessories.

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Photo: Courtesy of Miu Miu

Celebrity and fashion runways aside, one of the major driving forces behind the bag accessorising trend's growing popularity is TikTok. Influencers like Noé Anastasia and Jeffery Dang have been seen posting their take on the bag accessorising trend—which is also known as the "Jane Birkin Effect" online.

@noeneter Forever a messy french girl by heart #fyp #kellybag #hermesbag #janebirkin #birkinbag ♬ som original - edits

Wherever your inspiration comes from—the Olsen twins, Jane Birkin or the runways—one thing is for certain: This trend is here to stay. And the best thing about this trend is that you don't have to have a luxury bag to cop it. In fact, you get brownie points for doing it with up-and-coming labels. Ahead, we share our favourite way to jump on this trend, plus where to shop.

1. This casual set from OSOI

Fashion brand OSOI is making waves with their contemporary approach to traditional Korean designs. Apart from their wide selection of versatile bags, it also offers accessories like the Exclusive Photo Keyring. The ID Tote Bag is a crowd favourite, designed with hooks for your charms and a transparent card holder to display personalised cards or photos.

ID Tote Bag (Black), $158, OSOI

Exclusive Photo Keyring in Multi, $89, OSOI

2. A chrome look from Christine Project

Another Korean brand, Christine Project, designs versatile and practical bags for the sartorially-inclined busy bees. The brand offers spacious bags in chromatic options along with their signature key rings. Available in three colours, it comes in a set of chains, tassels and charms to spice up the exterior of your bag.

Round Belt Shoulder Bag (Silver Spoon), $268, Christine Project

CP Heart Layering Bag Charm, $58, Christine Project

3. This classy piece from MiuMiu

Photo: Courtesy of Miu Miu

The Nappa leather bag by Miu Miu has plenty of loops and rings, making it the perfect canvas for this trend. Double handles and clasp buckle closures are perfect for hooking, hanging, or hyper-customising adornments to your heart's desire. Bonus? Its roomy compartments will fit all your daily essentials, and then some.

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Nappa-Leather Tote Bag, $5,800, Miu Miu

Women's Paloma Keychain in Multicoloured, $875, Balenciaga

@sign_ofthetimes Miu Miu said ✨chaotic bag energy✨ is IN. Who is else is here for Birkincore? #janebirkineffect #janebirkincore #bagaccessories #decoratemybagwithme #livedinlook #miumiuss24 #miumiubag ♬ original sound - Sign of the Times

4. A versatile set from Samo Ondoh

Another bag that has gained popularity online is the Pocket Mug bag from Samo Ondoh. The bag has garnered attention for its wide range of colour options from the classic Nappa Black, soft pastel Nappa Baby Pink, to leopard prints. The brand also offers a large selection of their signature Tokiyom mascot as key rings to accessorise your bags.

Pocket Mug Bag M (Nappa Black), $183, SAMO ONDOH

Tokiyom Keychain Eco Shearling (Ivory), $21, SAMO ONDOH

6. Maximal accessories with Balenciaga

When it comes to an every day bag, Balenciaga's Rodeo Bag would be the piece to reach out for. The Rodeo comes in small, medium and large, crafted with soft calfskin for that stylish slouch. With such minimal and simplistic design, be sure to spare no trinket or charm unused during customisation.

Women's Rodeo Large Handbag in Black, $7,600, Balenciaga

Circular Charm Keychain, $136 ,Vivienne Westwood

Ami de coeur keychain, $110, AMI Paris

1DR leather bag charm, $255, Diesel

5. The viral retro look from Stand Oil

Featuring rounded details and two mini flap pockets at the front, this retro style bag is all the rage. The Chubby Bag by Stand Oil went viral online when Huh Yun-jin of K-Pop girl group LESSERAFIM went on her personal Instagram to join in on the bag accessorising trend, with a picture of hers decorated in ribbons, beaded necklaces and plush keychains.

Other ways to customise like Yunjin include: Hanging chains across, dangling statement pieces, mini-plush toys, ribbons and bows, or even wrapping a twilly around bag handles.

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Chubby Bag (Marron Combi), $130, Stand Oil

Set of Three Pendant Keyrings, $252, Amir Slama

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