Bows and Ribbons: Are They Here to Stay?

The runway look has now found its way into pop culture.
Published: May 10, 2024
Photo: Courtesy of @haileybieber

Coquettish styles continue to dominate the runways this season topped by a generous display of bows and ribbons. What we thought was a passing phase has continued to become an iconic look that shows no signs of fading. And we have Sandy Liang to thank for that—one of the early adopters of balletcore—who brought it to life at last year's fall 2023 presentation.

For spring/summer 2024, Liang updates the look by giving it a “downtown princess aesthetic” as seen in her moodboard shared on her Instagram account.

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Several influencers have also been seen sporting cute accessories, each in their own rendition and style, in delicious textures, from satin to grosgrain or even velvet. Whether as a hair accessory, a part of their outfit or even in make-up, it's evident that this trendy accent has become a versatile staple that many just can't resist.

The look has even found its way into the music scene. Styled as embellishments for the hair as seen on Sabrina Carpenter’s latest Feather music video, ribbons were intertwined perfectly into her boxer braids.

We can’t help but wonder if bows have truly become the new "millennial moustache” that many have claimed it to be. One thing is for sure: The coquette aesthetic will find its imprint on everyone ... and every thing!

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So, what makes them so appealing? Well, it's cute, fun and versatile, and checks all the boxes. They’re more than just a fashion statement—they’ve become a way of romanticising life. Adding a bow or two into your outfits, or ribbons in your hair gives that extra sprinkle of quirkiness to your daily look. Bottom line: They bring a sense of sophistication and happiness.

Bows are having their moment. So, let’s indulge in it and celebrate them in style.

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