Coach’s Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign Tells a Story About Authenticity

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Published: March 26, 2024
Virtual influencer Imma. Photo: Courtesy of Coach.

Here's the thing: Defining our true selves and ensuring authenticity can be challenging in the intertwining realms of the digital and physical. In this age of constant online presence, it is easy to lose sight of what's real and what's not. That is precisely what Coach wants us to ponder with its latest spring/summer 2024 campaign.

Encouraging us to explore and assert our genuine selves in today's complex world, the campaign is not just a call to action but an invitation into a world where authenticity and courage intersect with fashion and digital innovation. Serving as a platform for introspection and self-expression, the campaign—aptly titled Find Your Courage—guides the audience to delve into the essence of their own identities and embrace their authentic selves amidst the complexities of the modern world.

Coach’s Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign Tells a Story About Authenticity
Camila Mendes. Photo: Courtesy of Coach

The narrative unfolds over four months in a series of chapters, offering a voyage into the personal growth and courageous spirit of today's youth. It blends digital and physical elements seamlessly and provides a fresh perspective on navigating and expressing identities in an increasingly interconnected world.

At the heart of this campaign is Imma, a virtual human and digital creator who embarks on a journey to uncover what courage means to her. Through her interactions with Coach's ambassadors—Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Lee Young-ji, Kōki, and Wu Jinyan—Imma explores various dimensions of bravery and self-expression. Each ambassador shares their unique "superpower," offering Imma, and by extension, the audience, insights into how courage can manifest in our lives.

Coach’s Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign Tells a Story About Authenticity
Lil Nas X. Photo: Courtesy of Coach

Directed by Vallée Duhamel and photographed by Charlie Engman, Find Your Courage uses technology as a narrative medium and creates a space where self-discovery and the expression of one's identity can flourish through artistic and innovative means.

The first chapter starts with Imma's encounter with Coach's global brand ambassador, Lil Nas X, whose daring approach to life and art challenges conventional boundaries, inspiring a sense of genuine self-expression within the digital realm. Following this, she meets with Chinese actress Wu Jinyan, whose narrative focuses on the idea of embracing risk and the unknown. This encourages viewers to step out of their comfort zones and engage with the unpredictable nature of the digital landscape.

Coach’s Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign Tells a Story About Authenticity
Wu Jinyan. Photo: Courtesy of Coach

As the story progresses, Imma's meeting with South Korean rapper Lee Young-ji offers a perspective on the power of individuality and the freedom that can come from breaking stereotypes. At the same time, her encounters with American actress Camila Mendes and Japanese model Kōki (to be released later in April and May, respectively) delve into themes of self-love and exploration, before the individual stories are tied into a comprehensive narrative about personal growth and bravery.

"Find Your Courage is meant to inspire our consumers to seek out all possibilities for who they can be, despite the tensions and expectations in life they might feel," says Coach global chief marketing officer and North America president Sandeep Seth. "For us, Imma is the perfect ambassador to tell this story because she is challenging the notion of what we consider 'real' today. Her journey in our campaign takes us into a new world that pushes the boundaries of self-expression and inspires us along the way."

Coach’s Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign Tells a Story About Authenticity
Lee Young-ji. Photo: Courtesy of Coach

The campaign also serves as a showcase for Coach's Spring 2024 collection, which is imbued with the spirit of the campaign. The collection features new interpretations of the iconic Tabby shoulder bag, presented in vibrant shades and quilted leather, symbolising the campaign's focus on self-expression and innovation. These pieces, along with the entire collection's array of tailored silhouettes and playful designs, embody the courage to be authentic and the joy of expressing one's true self.

Creative director Stuart Vevers says that he was inspired to explore the archetypes of American style through the point of view of today's generation. He adds: “Find Your Courage expresses the feeling I wanted for the collection, where our heritage is the foundation for exciting new possibilities for self-expression."

Coach’s Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign Tells a Story About Authenticity
Kōki. Photo: Courtesy of Coach

Indeed, with this new collection, Coach has once again proven its commitment to creating timeless, fashionable, and empowering pieces. So, if you are looking to express yourself in a constantly changing world, Coach's latest collection is definitely worth checking out.

For more information, visit their website.

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