Leading Man Cha Eun Woo Is the Embodiment of L'amour in Chaumet's Valentine's Day Campaign

Timeless romance finds its muse this Valentine's Day with Korean actor Cha Eun Woo.
Published: January 29, 2024

How do you say je’taime? For over 240 years, Chaumet has been fluent in the language of love, decadence, and desire. From the opulent courts of Empress Joséphine and European royalty to the gilded red carpets of Cannes and Hollywood, the French jewellery house's masterful creations endure as timeless declarations of amour in their most eternal form.

This Valentine's Day, the acclaimed jeweller has intertwined hand and heart with Korean singer and actor Cha Eun Woo to personify l'amour, showcasing some of the most iconic pieces from Chaumet’s signature collections for both men and women during the season of love.

With his ethereal good looks, multi-faceted talent, and heart of gold, the actor personifies the lasting elegance and romantic symbolism of Chaumet’s creations. The actor is styled in a crisp button-up and blazer as well as a pristine white jumper to showcase each piece in its purest form. The Jeux de Liens pendant in white gold, with square-cut sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds, is inspired by the infinity symbol–the perfect symbol for everlasting love.

The Liens Évidence collection boasts a graphic design with a refined feel. Its pendants in both white and rose gold stand as evidence of a bridge-like link that connects two destinies, forming the most sincere of relationships. Possessing clean lines and diamonds that create an interplay of light, the Liens Évidence bracelets and rings assert the transmission in strength and power of a relationship over time.

Eun Woo's foil mirrors his and Chaumet's elegance with beautiful pieces from the Jeux de Liens Harmony as well as the new Joséphine collection. Named after the French Empress and patron of Chaumet, the collection possesses a rare elegance and tangible audaciousness. The aigrette V, the pear shape, interplays of asymmetry, and bold and elegant colours - all are present in the new Joséphine pieces, conceived with ever more daring and preciousness for the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one.

Show your love this Valentine's Day, courtesy of Chaumet at their local boutiques in ION Orchard, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, and on their website.

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