Chen Yixin Is Our March 2024 Cover Star

Editor-in-Chief Charmaine Ho introduces the new ELLE Singapore and our cover star Chen Yixin.
Published: March 7, 2024
Chen Yixin on Growing up in the Spotlight, Overcoming ADHD, Her Acting Goals And More
Double wool jacket; lace and cotton shirt; double wool miniskirt; leather boots, CELINE

I have a confession to make. In the time that it took us to craft this magazine, this page that you’re now reading is the one I found myself thinking about the most. It’s my first letter as editor-in-chief of the magazine. And, in all brutal honesty, whenever someone asked me, “What’s going to be different with ELLE Singapore now?”, I found myself thinking: In the grand scheme of things, not much. Let me explain.

ELLE (and all the international editions that bear its logo) has a formidable reputation for curating content that touches every aspect of a woman’s life—from what to wear anytime and anywhere to the hot-topic issues that affect women both locally and globally. It’s a formula that has worked brilliantly for nearly eight decades (in Singapore, for 31 years), and it’s one that the team and I intend to uphold. So when we were planning our inaugural March issue, we made sure to include content that would inform, inspire, and invigorate not just a woman’s sense of style, but the way she thinks and interacts with the world at large. 

Chen Yixin on Growing up in the Spotlight, Overcoming ADHD, Her Acting Goals And More
Double wool playsuit; and brass and crystal hair clip, CELINE Technical silk mesh bralette and leather skirt, HERMÈS

Take our encompassing 12-page “Spring/summer 2024 Trend Report”, for example. Along with the biggest trends to keep that wardrobe up to date, we’ve included titbits of must-know info about the season (from Balmain’s shocking heist to the troop of celebrities who graduated from frow to runway)—just so she remains the centre of conversation on the topic. There’s also a beauty trend report, with helpful tips on how to apply the hottest runway looks to real life. (We’re all about keeping it real here at ELLE.) 

For body and soul, our “Do You Woo-Woo?” feature lists the latest esoteric well-being practices that will calm, soothe and heal your inner self, while Mariana Losada, the director of its Paris-NUS Program, shares her harrowing encounter with cancer and reminds us of the importance of regular health screenings. 

Chen Yixin on Growing up in the Spotlight, Overcoming ADHD, Her Acting Goals And More
Technical silk mesh bralette and leather skirt, HERMÈS

But, of course, this is ELLE Singapore we’re talking about. And that is why I wanted this issue to be a love letter of sorts to the Little Red Dot we all call home. Our cover, shot by home-grown photographer Gan, is fronted by actress and content creator Chen Yixin, who, despite her atypical upbringing, is local through and through (her face lights up at the mention of Sing Swee Kee chicken rice and Blanco Court Prawn Mee). Read about her mission to show the world that not all Asians are the same. Then, flip to page 160 and learn how human connection specialist Simone Heng journeyed and lived across the globe only to find her true self back on our shores. In light of International Women’s Day, we also honour the multifaceted roles that women play in their lives through three amazing women: Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, Willabelle Ong, and Norfasarie. Learn how they’ve lighted up the lives of loved ones just by being who they are.

So that brings us back to the question: Is there a difference to the ELLE Singapore you now hold in your hands? In the grand scheme of things? No. But in spirit, I’d like to think so. Welcome to the new home-proud ELLE.

— Charmaine Ho, Editor-in-Chief

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Editor-in-Chief CHARMAINE HO
Photographed by GAN
Make-up artist SHAUN LEE, using ARMANI BEAUTY
Hairstylist JUNZ LOKE/35A Salon

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