Exclusive: Chinese Actress Bai Lu on Her Acting Career, Upcoming Projects, and More

The stunning Chinese beauty also talks about her appointment as iQIYI's first-ever International Global Ambassador.
Published: April 9, 2024
Exclusive Interview: Chinese Actress Bai Lu on Being iQIYI's Global Ambassador, Acting, and More
Photo: Courtesy of iQIYI

When it comes to C-Dramas, Bai Lu has undeniably established herself as one of the industry's most prominent figures. Since bursting onto the scene in 2016 with the television series Zhaoge, the Chinese actress and model's career has gone on to greater heights.

Lu has proven herself to be a versatile actress, with a range that transcends the historical fantasy genre. With roles stellar performances in hits such as Untouchable Lovers (2018), The Legends (2019), One and Only (2021), and Till The End Of The Moon (2023), she's garnered numerous awards and nominations at the Actors of China Award Ceremony and the iQIYI All-Star Carnival.

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Most recently, Lu captivated audiences in the iQIYI-produced Story of Kunning Palace (2023). A historical romance, the actress portrays an ambitious empress who has been reborn to become a student of the crown prince junior preceptor, played by Zhang Linghe.

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Lu's influence extends beyond the screen, with over 20 million followers on Weibo and 1.3 million on Instagram. She’s also been the face of major brands including international beauty giant Olay and Chopard. Lu’s online presence, celestial beauty, and seasoned acting chops make her the perfect choice for iQIYI as the streaming service’s first-ever International Global Ambassador.

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In this ELLE Singapore exclusive, the starlet talks about her new role, career, and what her adoring fans can look forward to soon.

Congratulations on becoming the first ambassador for iQIYI! What do you hope to accomplish with iQIYI through this partnership?

I’m thrilled to be appointed as the global ambassador for iQIYI International. My connection with iQIYI traces back to my early days in the industry, with many of my works being featured on the platform. iQIYI has witnessed my journey and growth as an actor. Looking ahead, I aim to connect more with my international fans and expand the reach of my works to a broader audience.

What made you fall in love with acting, and how did you end up in the entertainment industry?

My journey began with collaborating on video shoots with friends who shared a passion for photography. It was during this time that I became increasingly drawn to the world of performing arts. By a stroke of luck, I was later discovered and signed to a talent agency, marking the official start of my career as an actor.

What were some challenges you faced as a budding actress, and how did you overcome them?

Looking back at the early days, I realise that the obstacles and challenges I encountered played a significant role in my rapid growth during that time. When I first debuted, I didn’t have a formal background in acting, which led to a lack of confidence.

Consequently, I embarked on a journey of continuous learning, delving into the nuances of acting and exploring the concept of performance. My mindset was clear: If I wanted to pursue acting as a career, I needed to give it my all and demonstrate my growth and development to others, which I personally believe is crucial for any actor.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being an actor is the opportunity to inhabit numerous lives. Whether facing challenges or experiencing moments of joy, these are all encounters shared with the character, fostering a deep sense of connection. I believe sincerity, passion, and a continual eagerness to learn are all indispensable components of this craft.

What’s your relationship with fashion like, and what role/s do you see clothes playing in film and TV?

I believe fashion is subjective, with everyone having their own unique aesthetic. The key is feeling comfortable, free, and choosing what suits you best. Personally, I feel that styling must align with the character first and foremost.

Costumes should serve the character’s personality traits and narrative, making makeup and styling indispensable elements in character portrayal.

What can fans look forward to from you in the near future?

I’ve recently wrapped up filming for Moonlight Mystique, and Northward is another upcoming project of mine. Stay tuned and show your support for these two series, both of which will be available on iQIYI.

*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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