Here's How Julia Garner Achieves Radiant Gucci Glass Skin

Effortless perfection.
Published: April 5, 2024
Here's Exactly how Julia Garner Achieved Radiant Gucci Glass Skin
Photo: Gucci Beauty

Milan is bustling, but Julia Garner is not phased. The three-time Emmy winner, who's recently been cast as The Silver Surfer in Marvel's Fantastic Four, is wearing her eye patches and enjoying a cup of coffee. Garner enjoys Milan, not only for the fashion, but mainly for the people. She enjoys seeing what she describes as her “Gucci family,” which includes campaign stars A$AP Rocky and Elliot Page. “It’s like a reunion every time,” she says, adding,  “Oh yeah, and food!” Garner admits she’s looking forward to seeing Sabato De Sarno or “Sabato” as she casually calls him—as if she’s reuniting with a favourite uncle at a family reunion.

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As she gets ready, she doesn’t go for her signature red lip. “If you know me, you know I love a bold lip,” she says. Today, she opts for a pinkish nude by Gucci, specifically Rouge á Lévres Mat 201. As she applies, she shares she’s not so into trends, “I like when people highlight their natural beauty.” While she may not be into trends, her glam squad is applying a powder that leaves a luminous look, which Garner tells is her favourite. “It just sits so nicely on the face, and it’s so natural, but it just makes you look like you have glass skin,” she says—Gucci glass skin. Trés chic.

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Garner gave behind the scenes access of her getting ready process with Gucci. See all the exclusive images below and discover the fragrance she applies that makes her feel confident.

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See Julia Garner Radiantly Gucci Ready

This article was first seen on ELLE US.

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