K-Pop sensation CRAVITY Blazes Bright with latest album EVERSHINE

Having conquered their first world tour and Japanese debut, CRAVITY returns with a fiercer, more defined sound.
Published: April 2, 2024
K-Pop Sensation CRAVITY Blazes Bright With Latest Album EVERSHINE
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ELLE Singapore gets a glimpse into the fiery soul of CRAVITY's latest mini-album, EVERSHINE—brimming with the raw emotions and unapologetic spirit of youth. It isn't just an album; it's a journey through the spectrum of young love. It's the beauty found in the quiet before dawn, the promise of a brighter tomorrow after facing darkness. It's the unwavering pursuit of dreams, the audacious choices, and the overwhelming joy of emerging victorious.

The title track, "Love or Die," embodies CRAVITY's signature energy with a heart-pounding rhythm and a declaration of unwavering devotion—a love so intense they'd "rather die than live without it.” This anthem for passionate love is a perfect example of how the album seamlessly blends rock and EDM, creating a powerful soundscape that mirrors the intensity of young love.

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But EVERSHINE isn't all about intensity. Tracks like "Cherry Blossom" showcase CRAVITY's playful side with a bright and funky melody, while "Mr." brings the party vibes with its infectious festival-ready sounds. "Worst Thriller" takes a more introspective turn, weaving a dreamy psychedelic rock soundscape filled with mystery and longing.

The album concludes with "Over & Over"—the group’s favourite song—a touching pop-rock ballad that expresses the bittersweet yearning to rewind time and hold onto a cherished relationship. “I really hope LUVITY will listen to it,” expresses MINHEE.

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The group shared that their music video was filmed in the rain—showcasing the strength gained through overcoming obstacles and emerging stronger. “We had to film our music video in very cold weather this time. It was our first time having to dance while it was raining and it was a fun memory,” recalls SERIM.

While we wait for the boys to plan their next visit to Singapore, dive into “EVERSHINE” and let CRAVITY ignite your own youthful fire. After all, they draw all their inspiration from you!

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