Saint Laurent Rive Droite Gets Personal With Its Latest Podcast Series

Famed German photographer Juergen Teller is the podcast's first guest.
Published: March 27, 2024
Saint Laurent Gets Personal with its Latest Rive Droite Podcast
Photo: Courtesy of Saint Laurent

Known for its sleek, enigmatic silhouettes and understated coolness, Saint Laurent's latest podcast Talks proves that its radical influence isn't limited to the sartorial realm.

A podcast akin to a contemplative Q&A, Talks will feature filmed conversations with notable personalities who are close to the French Maison and are trailblazers across the fields of cinema, photography and art. Set in a minimalist black-and-white setting, French journalist Augustin Trapenard
engages in intimate conversations with each guest—unravelling insightful narratives and groundbreaking revelations about their lives and careers.

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The first episode kicks off with German photographer Juergen Teller, a tour de force in contemporary photography. A close collaborator of Anthony Vaccarello since 2019, Teller's multi-faceted creativity is starkly reflected through the captivating advertising campaigns he has previously shot for Saint Laurent.

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Saint Laurent and Juergen Teller's Past Projects

Saint Laurent Gets Personal with its Latest Rive Droite Podcast
Photo: Courtesy of Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent Gets Personal with its Latest Rive Droite Podcast
Photo: Courtesy of Saint Laurent

Beyond fashion editorials and the Talks podcast, the renowned photographer and French Maison have also jointly published two books: Saint Laurent Babylone and Notes About My Work. The former is a limited-edition coffee table book that showcases all of Teller's Saint Laurent campaigns and serves as Vaccarello's tribute to their partnership. Similarly, the latter is a 48-page book curated by the French Maison but told through the lens of Teller himself, offering a deep-dive into his artistic process.

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Chronicling their long-standing artistic collaboration through books and visual archives, this new podcast series also touches on their latest project, Teller's revolutionary "i need to live" exhibition. Currently showing at the Triennale Milano from now till 1 April 2024, the exhibition features over 1000 works from personal to commissioned pieces. Centred around Teller's life-changing experiences and introspective themes of human existence, particularly poignant works include a photograph of Yves Saint Laurent himself and self-portraits of Teller from childhood to present-day.

More About Rive Droite

Launched by creative director Anthony Vaccarello, this ongoing multi-disciplinary concept is an ode to Saint Laurent's Rive Gauche line from the '60s. Known for its democratisation of luxury fashion, Vaccarello's Rive Droite encompasses both physical stores in Paris and Los Angeles, as well as thoughtfully conceived projects across fashion, photography and art.

The Talks podcast is now available on Youtube and all major podcast platforms.

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