With Its 105-Year Heritage for Ethereal Jewellery, Buccellati Has Remained a Celebrity Favourite for Good Reason

The Italian jeweller melds high artistry and timeless elegance on designs that stand out from the dazzling crowd.
Published: February 9, 2024

Buccellati is no stranger to high-octane glamour and prestige. Since its founding in 1919, the Milanese jeweller has won hearts with handcrafted creations that are instantly recognisable at a glance. It is no surprise then that its distinguished jewellery make regular appearances at highly publicised events across the globe, adorning the bodies of the world's most famous faces. 

Music queens like Beyoncé and Rihanna, and style icons such as Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie are just a few of the A-list celebrities who are partial to Buccellati's innate charm. Couple that with mesmerising craftsmanship you can see from across the room, and you've got yourself spellbinding jewels that beg to be admired and touched. 

Buccellati's Macri creations were made to stand out

Height of Elegance

This is all thanks to the brand’s signature design aesthetic, which takes inspiration from the Renaissance – a period marked by remarkable cultural and artistic innovation and the pursuit of heightened creative expression. Rich, intricate details and finely worked textures are balanced with motifs that find their muse in nature, geometry and classical architecture. Handcrafted through 1,000-year-old goldsmithing traditions and techniques that have been passed down through generations, the creations catch the light at every turn and guide the eye along its elegant contours. It’s clear that not all jewellery were made equal; a Buccellati stands above those of its ilk. 

Fast forward to today and the brand continues to be helmed by its founding family, who are focused on keeping its age-old traditions alive. With their master artisans working meticulously with ancient tools that date back to the Renaissance, a trove of precious gems is nestled in gold that has been handworked into delicate light-as-air lace, or painstakingly engraved with fine, precise lines that glimmer with the sheen of luscious silk. All this takes years of experience and a prodigious amount of skills (not to mention, time and patience) to achieve. Buccellati does it brilliantly and with a finesse that has seen the world’s royal families arrive at its doors.  

Employing the “rigato” technique, the entire surface of a Macri design is masterfully etched with fine parallel lines to mimic the texture of silk.

Macri Giglio cuff (30mm) in yellow gold and white gold with diamonds

Creations to Love

Take, for example, Buccellati’s emblematic Macri collection, which showcases the House’s famed goldsmithing expertise. Employing the “rigato” technique – a Buccellati hallmark that means “to engrave” or “striate” in Italian – the entire surface of the design is masterfully etched with fine parallel lines to mimic the texture of silk. The results are earrings, pendant necklaces, bangles and rings that seem as if they were covered in gold silk worthy of haute couture. Geometric floral elements enliven the precious pieces with the fire of diamonds, resulting in beauty that is unmistakably Buccellati. 

In the Tulle collection, gold is assiduously worked to mimic its namesake fabric. Celebrating the negative spaces as much as it does the ultra-fine golden frames that create them, Tulle (which can take up to a month to produce) is marked with floral flourishes that recall the delicate allure of Venetian lace. Embracing the ears, neck, wrists and fingers with their ethereal forms, it’s akin to stepping out with the most luxurious and precious fabric.

Then, there’s the Opera collection, which looks to the Maison’s logo for inspiration. Recalling the architecture of Teatro alla Scala, the famed historical opera house of Buccellati’s birth city, the collection is a visual symphony that balances bold geometric shapes with elegant flourishes and intricate openwork details. Setting the stage for a myriad of interpretations, the earrings, sautoirs, bangles, and rings offer a variety of looks – not least in the form of the Opera Tulle. Melding Buccellati’s iconic goldsmithing with rich colours from enamel or semi-precious materials like onyx or mother-of-pearl. Available with diamond options, these pieces were crafted to stand out while complementing your outfit.

Macri Classica Eternelle ring in yellow and white gold with diamonds, $7,500

Macri earrings in white and yellow gold with diamonds, $19,000

Tulle Ghirlanda Eternelle ring in white and yellow gold with diamonds, $34,000

Tulle Ornato earrings in white gold with diamonds, $82,000

Opera Tulle bangle in pink gold with onyx and diamonds, $14,000

Opera Tulle Enamel ring in yellow gold, $4,800

Promising the seamless marriage of artistry, craftsmanship, and timeless style with each creation, Buccellati is perfect for commemorating a special occasion or celebrating a life milestone. So, if you’re looking to spoil yourself (or have someone spoil you) this Valentine’s Day, you know just where to look. 

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Blossoms Color Eternelle ring in palladium-plated and gold-plated sterling silver with opal, $1,100
Blossoms Color earrings in palladium-plated and gold-plated sterling silver with opal, $6,300
Hawaii bracelet in yellow, white and pink gold, $7,000
Hawaii earrings in white gold, $9,900
Opera Tulle Heart pendant necklace in yellow and white gold with diamonds, $8,400
Macri Classica pendant necklace in white gold with diamonds, $6,600
Hers & His: Macri Eternell rings in white and yellow gold with diamonds, $9,500; DLC treated yellow gold with diamonds, $11,000
Hers & His: Macri Classica bangle in white gold with diamonds, $15,000; Macri cuff in yellow gold, $7,500

Buccellati is located at B1-18/18A at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue; +65 6688 7522

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