Best Places to Shop for Mother's Day Flowers in Singapore

Blooms that never disappoint.
Published: May 8, 2024
Top 8 Florists to Shop for Mother's Day Blooms
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What better way to show our appreciation to our mothers on their special day than with the gift of some beautiful botanicals? The practice of gifting flowers to a loved one has always been a gesture of thoughtfulness, love and affection for as long as we can remember. Gone are the days of uniform red rose bouquets and hello to the wild and colourful blooms. These arrangements really pack a punch with their radiant hues and sculptural silhouettes, a perfect gift and a gorgeous addition to your Mum's bedside table, study desk or vanity. Whether it's a blooming bouquet, a decedent floral arrangement or curated bunch of hand-picked flowers, these options would be perfect for just about any type of mom out there.

Show your Mum just how much you love her with this list of our top 10 florists in Singapore.

1. Grandiflora at Culina

Founded by influential florist, Saskia Havekes, in Sydney in 1995, Grandiflora has since made its mark as a highly celebrated floral boutique both in Sydney and Singapore—its first international outpost. Located within Culina Market, Grandiflora Singapore boasts some of the most radiant and bountiful botanicals. Adopting Havekes' signature sculptural style of using an array of seasonal botanicals to skillfully create stunning arrangements. Its perfect for mums who love maximalist blooms.

Grandiflora Singapore also offers bespoke arrangements, based on your preferred colour palettes and price range, from intricate bouquets to an extravagant Mother's Day brunch table centrepiece.

Grandiflora Singapore is located at 15 Dempsey Road (tel: +65 6854 6161).

2. Charlotte Puxley Flowers

British florist Charlotte Puxley founded her namesake floral boutique in Singapore in 20215, and has come to be well-known for mixing old English philosophies with tropical flair. The result? A perfect mix between tradition and playfulness.

Charlotte Puxley Flowers offers bespoke services as well as themed arrangements expertly curated based on seasonal blooms, which are available to shop on their website.

Charlotte Puxley Flowers is located at 9 Lock Rd, #02-21 Gillman Barracks. For more information, visit their website.

3. The Bloomish Eden

Looking for a Mother's Day bouquet that's more on the delicate side? The Bloomish Eden has got you covered. It places significant focus on highlighting the beauty of nature in the most unique ways possible. These arrangements are artistically put together, typically featuring pastel flowers as well as little pops of bold hues.

The Bloomish Eden also offers an array of seasonal and bespoke options. It also has an "Omakase" option where the florist gets full creative control, which comes with an additional option of fresh or dried flowers.

For more information, visit their website or Whatsapp +65 8198 9292.

4. Wonderland Botanicals

Similar to The Bloomish Eden, Wonderland Botanicals takes a whimsical approach to floristry with lots of pastel hues and dainty silhouettes. They also make use of botanicals with distinct shapes and varying heights to achieve a truly unique arrangement, which also make for great additions to room. You could also opt for a more striking, longer-lasting option consisting of mostly greenery or richly, green hued botanicals.

Wonderland Botanicals is located at 315 Outram Road, #08-06A, Tan Boon Liat Building (Tel: +65 6226 1874). For more information, visit their website.

5. This Humid House

This Humid House, which operates out of Singapore and Paris, has become most well-known for their avant-garde approach to floristry. Which should come as no surprise as its founder, John Lim, used to be an architect. Clearly, he has found ways to incorporate his skills he picked up in his former career to create sculptural practices. Flowers in differing shapes and sizes are typically combined with variety of textured foliage to create stunningly unique arrangements—from bouquets to decadent décor for big events. Humid House is perfect for mums who embrace their artistic side.

This Humid House accepts orders on their website. Bespoke orders can be made at their Floral Concierge counter in Straits Clan by appointment only.

This Humid House is located at 94C Jalan Senang (tel: +65 9181 7375). For more information, visit their website.

6. The Flower Library

With their lavish sculptural silhouettes, The Flower Library arrangements are the definition of opulence. Each creation teems with rich foliage and bright flowers of different colours and shapes. Botanical materials are skillfully arranged to achieve an eye-catching arrangement without looking bulky or overdone. The Flower Library typically uses greenery that emulate a fluffy-like look with large amounts of thin leaves that cascade down, giving it an naturally stylish look.

The Flower Library's website simply acts as a portfolio for the stunning works they have done previously and are absent of any quotations and prices. Hence, orders can only be made via email. Alternatively, you may write in via their website.

For more information, visit their website.

7. Hyde & Seed

Homegrown floral studio Hyde & Seed specialises in both floral arrangements and vases. Their modern take on floral arrangement combined with artistic presentation is ideal for a simple yet chic mum. Bold and bright blooms are the theme for this year's Mother's Day.

Bespoke orders can be made through email and could range from less than a week to three weeks, subject to individual requests.

For more information, visit their website.

8. The Enchanted Tree

Established in 2015, The Enchanted Tree specialises in their "Daily Pick" concept, which offers a different arrangement everyday comprising the freshest blooms, available daily on their website.

The Enchanted Tree is located at 51 Changi Business Park Central 2, #01-13 The Signature. For more information, visit their website or Whatsapp +65 87997829.

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