TEAM WANG x Joopiter: Limited Edition Drop Celebrating Jackson Wang's Journey

You won't want to miss this.
Published: June 14, 2024
TEAM WANG x Joopiter: Limited Edition Drop Celebrating Jackson Wang's Journey
Photo: Courtesy of TEAM WANG design

TEAM WANG design is teaming up with Joopiter, the global digital auction platform founded by Pharrell Williams, for an exclusive limited edition drop titled TEAM JOOPITER. Mark your calendars for June 18th, because you won't want to miss this unique collaboration.

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This special collection, TEAM JOOPITER, serves as a commemoration of Jackson Wang's artistic evolution, featuring a curated selection of items that reflect pivotal moments from his life. From his early days as a talented fencer to his current status as a multifaceted artist, this drop encapsulates Wang's diverse experiences through a range of clothing and accessories.

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Included in the collection are a variety of pieces such as t-shirts, Tang suits, gloves, keychains, and sunglasses, each meticulously designed to embody Wang's distinctive style and personality. These items not only showcase his journey but also serve as tokens of inspiration for fans and admirers alike.

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In a recent press release, Wang expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to share his life's highlights and significant milestones through this collaboration. He stated, "I'm very grateful that I can share the highlights and important chapters of my first 30 years on earth—from sports to music to fashion."

Wang further elaborated on the symbolic significance of the collection, remarking, "All of these items are very meaningful to me. They may appear to be very different, but they all represent the same mindset. To me, the only difference among these chapters of my life would be the skill sets, what remains the same is the emphasis on creation."

For fans of Jackson Wang and enthusiasts of innovative fashion, the TEAM JOOPITER drop presents a rare opportunity to own a piece of his journey. Whether you're a collector or simply appreciate the intersection of art and fashion, this collaboration promises to be an event worth celebrating.

Stay tuned for more updates and mark your calendars for June 18th to secure your piece of the TEAM JOOPITER collection—a testament to creativity, passion, and the enduring spirit of artistic expression.

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