How To Style Double Denim Like Jennie Kim

Calvin Klein ambassador Jennie Kim show us how denim on denim is done.
Published: May 22, 2024
How To Style Double Denim Like Jennie Kim
Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Double denim still has a reputation for being on the wrong side of the 1980s or just a straight-up fashion faux pas. But in 2024, the 'Canadian Tuxedo', as it's otherwise known, is smarter, sexier, and surprisingly chic.

We’ve caught it on the runways—see Versace’s AW24 raw denim variety, which makes for a stylish look with 1960s tailoring notes. Miu Miu is also a key champion of all things denim-on-denim. Sydney Sweeney, an ambassador of the Italian brand, has shown how it’s done more than a few times, including styling the trend with a particularly great peplum-style jacket (I promise it’s good), and a shorts and jacket combination with corduroy accents. Make like Sweeney and play with denim in unexpected styles and cuts.

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Julianne Moore, who was recently spotted in New York's Mid Town, smartens double denim up with her Alaia light wash set. Parring the nipped waist, curved seam bottoms with hammered gold earrings and a peep top black leather slip-on. This is a good bench mark for the more evening ready nature of denim. Chuck a pair of heels and a chunkier earring in the work bag and you'll instantly be ready for Friday night dinner plans.

An easy way to bring double denim into your wardrobe is with a shirt and jeans. It feels much less comital and can cut a surprisingly chic figure.

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How To Style Double Denim Like Jennie Kim

Kayla denim shirt, US$262 (approx. SGD 353), CITIZENS OF HUMANITY.

How To Style Double Denim Like Jennie Kim

Embroidered high-rise wide-leg jeans, US$654 (approx. SGD 881), JEAN PAUL GAULTIER.

Devon Carlson gives a masterclass in the big top, no trousers style. Pictured at the Gucci Cruise 2025 collection, Carlson opted for a darker wash in a matching set featuring an oversized button-down shirt–make a note of the red accessories, which offset the denim tone perfectly (sunglasses at night are optional).

If you enjoy modular clothing, you’re going to love Jacqemus’ De Nimes’ jacket. Its adjustable back can either nip you in to create the brand’s signature silhouette or when left undone, create a more classic cut. Finish the look off with matching jeans and a kitten heel, and you will look effortlessly on-trend.

While a jean jacket and matching pants are a failsafe classic, don’t forget the option of skirting. Ahluwalia, who has an expert touch with printed denim, has a fantastic two-piece that features a frayed panelling of blue-toned zebra print. You could also cheat the look by going for a jumpsuit.

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How To Style Double Denim Like Jennie Kim
Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

You could alway do like Jennie and opt for a mini skirt in denim and pair it with a shirt in a lighter wash. The opposite works just as well, adding visual interest to the tone-on-tone look. Another way is to add texture by tucking in your shirt in an overlapping manner—creating a wrap shirt effect.

How To Style Double Denim Like Jennie Kim

Chambray Classic Button-Down Shirt, $229, CALVIN KLEIN.

How To Style Double Denim Like Jennie Kim

Denim Mini Skirt, $159, CALVIN KLEIN.

The key to this trend is in the styling, so no, we won’t be reaching for the hair crimper any time soon. However, a slick bun, a red lip, and some kitten-heeled sandals wouldn’t go amiss for a perfect summer evening style. So, do away with the Eighties connotations and rediscover double denim.

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