Han So-Hee Is Our July 2024 Cover Star

Eye on the prize.
Published: July 3, 2024
Han So-Hee Is Our July 2024 Cover Star
Photographed by GO WON TAE

As I’m writing this, the Olympic Games Paris 2024 is barely a month away, and the world is in the grip of sports fever. As athletes continue training singlemindedly for the chance to break records and make history, there is another cut-throat global game at play: The world of commerce has been on overdrive, with almost every brand in existence competing for public attention with sports-related partnerships, and activities vying for a slice of the publicity pie. And with the Olympics being held in one of the major fashion capitals of the world, it seems the fashion industry has truly stepped up to the plate in this regard.

Instagram feeds are filled with who-wears-what news of athlete ambassadors, while headlines announce which brands are outfitting national teams. Even the recent haute couture season has not been spared—in a nod to the Olympics’ ancient Greek origins, Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri has sent out togas and gladiator sandals, underscoring her message of equality regardless of gender or race. The message is clear: Be exemplary, but do it with style.

And that is exactly what our cover star Han So-Hee does—in Dior, no less. The Korean actress, who recently graced our screens for her role in the Netflix period sci-fi drama, Gyeongseong Creature, lets us into her private world (she’s an admitted introvert). She also shares how she feels about concluding the filming of Gyeongseong Creature 2 and what she looks out for before accepting a role. “It’s like choosing the right partner. It’s not wise to choose indiscriminately or greedily,” she tells us, while dressed in the brand’s impeccable 1940s-inspired suits and shirting from its pre-fall collection.

And that’s not all we have on the fashion front. From the ultra-abbreviated hemlines of the “Shorts Circuit” fashion spread, to the versatile timepieces that play well with others in “Clock Out”, we’ve lined the pages of our July issue with racks of sporty-chic fashion and accessories that work perfectly for our climate. For a counter-balance, we’ve also shortlisted pre-fall’s biggest trends that will keep you looking razor sharp from nine to five and absolutely fabulous for cocktail hour.

If sports is what you want, check out our 10-page report on the female gold-medallist hopefuls from across the globe who will keep you cheering all through the Olympic season. Then, head to our Beauty section to read about this island’s newfound love for classic Pilates before learning about Singapore’s very own Farhanna Farid and her journey from pharmacist to powerlifting champion. 

Are you pumped yet for the month ahead? We know we are, and our pom poms are at the ready!

Photographed by GO WON TAE
Styled by CHO BO MIN
Fashion Director: KIM AU
Make-up Artist: KANG YE WON
Hairstylist: HAN SU HWA
Manicurist: LEE JI HEE
Producer: LEE KYUNG KIM/BL Creative House
Production Assistants: PARK MI JEONG; LEE JIN KYUNG
Co-ordinator: KAREN WOO

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