Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian Both Wore See-Through Gowns to Maison Margiela’s Show

Two sisters, two very different looks.
Published: February 1, 2024

Kylie Jenner continued her big week in Paris with her third haute couture show so far, this time for Maison Margiela. She was joined by her mother, Kris Jenner, and her older sister Kim Kardashian. Jenner and Kardashian wore sheer dresses. Kardashian’s was black and netted.

While Jenner’s was silver with sequins. She accessorised with Messika jewellery.

In September 2022, Jenner discussed her favorite fashion show experience up until that point in an interview with CR Fashion Book. “I would say the most impactful show for me was Virgil Abloh’s last Off-White show,” she shared. “I couldn’t make it to the show as I was very pregnant at the time, but I was able to watch it live. I thought it was so beautiful, emotional, and moving.”

She also revealed that Stormi will be inheriting quite a bit of special clothes from her. “I save everything for my daughter—I have the most amazing pieces, and I cannot wait to share my entire archive with her when she is older,” Jenner said. “I’m so excited to see how she is going to wear and style them! And hopefully she wears one of my Met dresses to prom.”

In a more recent interview by Jennifer Lawrence for Interview, Jenner spoke in October about whether she really ever craves space from her sisters like Kardashian. “We can’t really take space because we work together,” Jenner said. “But at the end of the day, we are all obsessed with each other and would probably choose each other as friends if we weren’t family.

“You think Kourtney would?” Lawrence asked.

“I do,” she replied.

“Okay. We agree to disagree,” Lawrence quipped.

Jenner laughed and said, “It’s hard to find people who understand your life. It’s such a rare thing that we’re all going through in this business and with fame, so to have each other to lean on has been really important and the reason why I’ve been able to stay humble.”

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