Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Announces Chinese Actor Deng Wei as Its Newest Global Makeup Spokesperson

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty invites Chinese actor Deng Wei to show the world his inspiring and creative makeup magic and charm.
Published: February 26, 2024
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Announces Chinese Actor Deng Wei as It's Newest Global Makeup Spokesperson

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, a brand that has always enjoyed a high reputation in the international beauty industry, officially announces Chinese actor Deng Wei as its newest global makeup spokesperson. He joins the brand's star-studded lineup of global beauty muses from the fashion and film industries such as Kate Moss, Michaela Jae Rodriguez and Jourdan Dunn.

As a rising star in China's entertainment industry, Deng Wei has a distinctive personal style and is confident and generous. He is loved by the public for his unique charm. His joining has injected vitality into the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty brand, brought more innovation and creative sparks to the beauty industry, and will also deliver magic and confidence to more beauty lovers.

Founder Charlotte Tilbury was full of praise for Deng Wei. She said: "Deng Wei's handsomeness, confidence and passion for performance made me see a magical light shining in him. More importantly, his attitude of constantly working hard to realise his dreams and his pursuit of self-expression  complements Charlotte Tilbury Beauty’s brand philosophy. I believe that with his joining, it will bring new inspiration and radiance to our global consumers.”

Deng Wei also expressed his joy at becoming the brand's global makeup spokesperson and his respect for Charlotte Tilbury. He said: "I am very happy to be the global makeup spokesperson of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. Charlotte Tilbury is an outstanding beauty guru. Her namesake brand has unique product designs of high quality. In the future, I look forward to promoting Charlotte Tilbury."

Since its inception, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty has been loved by consumers for its high-quality and innovative beauty products. The brand adheres to the professional philosophy of Tilbury and is committed to providing everyone with "flawless skin" and "red carpet-like makeup". This time, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty officially announced that Deng Wei has become the brand's global makeup spokesperson, aiming to give magical power to all beauty enthusiasts and inspire them to use Charlotte Tilbury Beauty products to explore and express their own personality, using the power of makeup.

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