Venture Forth

Two Personalities On Taking The Plunge And Journeys In Life

In a constant state of wanderlust, Melody Tan and Rebecca Ten talk about the joys of exploration and thrills of taking risks.

If there is one undeniable lesson from this global pandemic we’re currently in, it is that we are more connected than ever before. It’s exactly that connection that humans crave so deeply yet so easily take for granted.

Travel has become so convenient and increasingly affordable in recent times that we forget to cherish the ability to experience different parts of the globe. Now that the pandemic has us sitting in the four walls of our homes for months, we reminisce the carefree times when vacations were a thing and look forward to the opportunity for adventure in the future. We’re all nomads wandering the Earth before eventually taking root at our final destination.

Embodying the essence of that unbridled free-spirited attitude towards adventure is Chloé’s aptly named fragrance Nomade. We are all familiar with the time-travelling powers of scents. They have the incredible ability to take our minds through the fabric of space and time in a single whiff. These scents trigger a floodgate of memories and in that split second, you are back in that moment, experiencing those same emotions. Be it joyful or bittersweet, it is a powerful tool and in times like these, fragrances such as Chloé Nomade become almost portals into these memories of travel.

Unequivocally feminine, Chloé Nomade opens with a delicate bouquet of freesia. This joyful floral introduction is rounded out and made more alluring with the voluptuous sweetness of the Mirabelle plum; A perfect balance to freesia’s innocence. A woody base of intense, mineral oakmoss grounds the unfettered fragrance, giving it an air of sensibility and that extra touch of wisdom that makes this fragrance truly signature scent worthy.

Encapsulating the Millennial nomadic spirit is digital content creator and personality, Melody Tan. With her keen eye in aesthetic, she is constantly taking visual cues and inspiration from her surroundings. More importantly, she is not afraid of taking risks, even once choosing to spend four weeks alone in a remote Italian family-owned farmhouse while doing some soul-searching.

On Overcoming Fear

“I’m always really nervous or scared, obviously, like everybody is and I’m always thinking about the what-ifs. At the same time, I know that if I just take the plunge and do it, it’ll be fine. Once I’ve taken the first step, it always feels empowered within myself. I’ll feel like I’ve been so brave to do this for me. And I feel excited to see where this will take me. The journey of self-discovery is always a process. I’m always learning everyday. I don’t really think that there would ever be an “end” to my journey as we continually evolve. And that’s the fun of it.”

On Life Lessons

“I’ve definitely learnt to love myself. It’s always a big, scary world out there but at the end of the day, you’re your own person and it’s important that you take care of yourself first. So in all my experiences, I’ve learnt that loving yourself is the most important thing. Just take the plunge, you don’t know what surprises are waiting for you.” While Melody leans into the uncertainty, travel blogger and online personality, Rebecca Ten basks in it. Effervescent and brimming with positivity, when talking about travel, she immediately thinks of road trips, sunshine, the ocean and surrounding herself in the beauty of nature. She recalls wild adventures of climbing to the rooftop of a building in Germany, “I visited my friends that I met in a hostel in Germany. They built a rooftop fort one of the buildings — and the police came. There’s no stairs, you have to break the window to get out. That was an insane adventure.”

On Self-Discovery

“Right now I can’t travel, I can’t do the things I used to do all the time. It’s taking a step back like re-evaluate what else I can do with what I love doing and what I know. Because I used to travel twice or thrice every month, now that it has completely stopped, I have to take a huge step back to think of what I can do. In self-discovery, this is a whole new page that I have not been on in awhile.”

On Taking Chances

“The unknown is scary because you don’t know what’s going to come out of it. But from what I’ve learnt, you only regret the chances that you don’t take. I don’t think I have regretted anytime that I did something completely impulsive or ridiculous. I am either always learning something from it or wanting to do it again. If you never take the risk, you never know.”

On Travel

“Firstly, ‘do I have google maps installed’? Secondly, I always put together a playlist if I am going somewhere completely new — a playlist that would keep me company. Music sets the tone to how you vibe with the unknown. For a different country, I have a different playlist.”

Chloé's Nomade Eau de Parfum and Absolu de Parfum are available online at Sephora online and in-stores, retailing at S$183 for 75ml and S$201 for 75ml respectively.